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We are an agile software company specializing in web and mobile applications

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Solutions for insurance

We create web-based solutions for insurance companies helping you automate your business or streamline your organization processes.

Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile devices are very popular today. We can help you reach out your customers, who want to manage their bank accounts via smartphones, tablets, etc.

E-Commerce & Payment processing

We create reliable enterprise solutions for the E-Commerce branch, basing on SAP Hybris and Oracle ATG Web Commerce.

SCRUM Team As a Service

We can provide you with a specially appointed team of developers. The size of the team and skills of the members will be adjusted to suit your needs.


Senior professionals providing a wide range of managed services from on-site-support to full scope outsourcing of IT operations.


We can create clear and consistent branding, functional and memorable user interfaces and perfect user experience.

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  • banking
  • insurance
  • finance
  • IT
  • telecom
  • media
  • industry



Analysis workshops

We collect as much information as possible to fully understand your requirements.

UX and UI design

User experience & Design blueprints and design

We draw the solution! Our own UX and UI design team work everything out. From mockups to pixel-perfect layouts.


Development implementation improvement needed?

By using the agile approach we can easily adapt to unpredictable transformations and changing environments.



We perform necessary tests and maintain our products. We can add enhancements and new functionalities.

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