Jet Aviation cuts BI Delivery Time

logoJet Aviation substantially Cuts BI Delivery Time from 6h to a Few Minutes

Jet Aviation, one of the leading business aviation services company in the world, used Euvic’s assistance to streamline the operation of its Business Intelligence system based on Microsoft BI Stack. With that project completed, data from the various areas of the company’s business is now uploaded and available to Jet Aviation’s authorized staff within a few minutes. Previously, it took almost six hours to process and share it.


Jet Aviation is one of the largest global suppliers of business aviation services. The company was founded in Switzerland in 1967 and since 2008 has been a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE:GD). The company provides maintenance, completions and refurbishment, engineering, FBO and fuel services, along with aircraft management, charter services and staffing services. The company has about 4,800 employees in close to 50 facilities throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America and the Caribbean. Jet Aviation’s EMEA, APAC and U.S. aircraft management and charter divisions jointly operate a fleet of some 300 aircraft.

Initial situation

Jet Aviation began to look for an IT company with high competencies in the area of Business Intelligence, in particular regarding Microsoft BI Stack (as a huge Microsoft Ecosystem exists). Jet Aviation’s previous IT supplier had no such competencies and did not intend to hire a dedicated specialist. With the new supplier Jet Aviation planned to reconstruct its Business Intelligence system to upload data from selected business operations and make it available to authorized staff faster. That process used to take almost six hours, considerably delaying decision-making and the implementation of selected processes.


The challenge posed by Jet Aviation was to substantially shorten the time needed to process selected data and to make it available to authorized staff. After researching the market, Jet Aviation decided to entrust that task to Euvic, based on a MS BI work staff in Europe due an evaluation by the IT Solutions Portfolio Manager Cengiz Burnaz.

  • Replace the inefficient BRIDGE-related error management system based on Microsoft InfoPath and e-mails with a custom solution to provide more accurate data on errors and more flexible approach to notifying and handling them.
  • Solution

    The project was launched in February 2018. Euvic provided Jet Aviation with one dedicated Business Intelligence specialist who, in cooperation with the client’s team, implemented Microsoft BI Stack. The objective set by Jet Aviation was achieved by means such as the deployment of automated SSIS packages, a monitoring scheme and incremental data upload.

    “In agile environment each project has to be reconsidered for a nearshore outsourcing instead of offshore outsourcing,” said Cengiz Burnaz, the IT Solutions Portfolio Manager

    Now Jet Aviation’s BI platform is being expanded to ensure the use of Business Intelligence on an even larger scale than before. Also new data visualization features are being added.

    Business benefits

    Shorter data upload time

    Upon the completion of the first stage of the project the time needed to process BI data and make it available to Jet Aviation’s authorized staff was cut from six hours to a few minutes.

    Faster decision-making and implementation of selected business processes

    With such a significantly shortened data processing and delivery time Jet Aviation’s staff is now able to make specific decisions faster. This, in turn, accelerates the implementation of selected business processes.

    Cost-efficient and flexible BI system support and development services

    Although costs were not the key element in the selection of the new BI supplier, the cooperation with Euvic also resulted in a substantial reduction in the costs incurred by Jet Aviation in this area. Those costs are more than 50 per cent lower than if Jet Aviation used a local company. Additionally, Euvic offered highly flexible cooperation rules as regards the development and maintenance of the BI platform, making it possible to bill all the performed tasks per hour, while ensuring quick access to specialists with competencies needed at a given moment.

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